Realign My Energy Mala


108-bead mala; 6mm & 8mm Robin Egg Dolomite (made from a high-grade dolomite marble often noted for its…

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108-bead mala; 6mm & 8mm Robin Egg Dolomite (made from a high-grade dolomite marble often noted for its resemblance to jade, permanently dyed and glazed to seal the color in) and Onyx beads with silver coated spacers, Rudraksha seed and cotton silk tassel. This mala is strung on a strong nylon cord and measures approximately 19 inches in length.  Although I rarely incorporate dyed stones into my designs, I thought the Robin Egg color combination was too beautiful and striking to pass on.

Onyx: Assists in absorbing negative energy and purification, connection with higher realms, supports self-mastery, strength and balance.  Chakra: Root, Third Eye & Solar Plexus

Robin Egg Dolomite: Used for protection and grounding, believed to help ease insomnia, increase endurance, realign the body’s energy centers and improve circulation; increase creativity, promote courage/self-confidence, open the heart and boost the ability to give/receive love. Chakras: All

Rudraksha Seed: Increases tranquility, clarity, awareness & concentration; absorbs & stores positive energy; assists in balancing the body’s electro-magnetic field; offers protection from negative energies; believed to be a shield against emissions from modern technology and psychic disturbances.

Tassel: Represents the roots of the lotus flower and reminds us “no mud, no lotus”.  Just as the lotus seed pushes through the mud to become the flower, so must we push through our challenges to come in to our light.

This piece is personally handcrafted and infused with loving intention by me.  Just as no two natural beads are alike, no two offerings will be exactly the same, making each uniquely sacred and personal.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental health condition*