Jewelry Care

Your mala is an incredibly personal, unique and sacred item. We know you will love using it in your daily meditation and spiritual practices for years to come.  Treating your mala with respect and loving care will help extend its lifespan.

We recommend the following:

  • Remove your mala when swimming, showering, working out or engaging in other activities where your mala could come in contact with water or excessive sweat.  Moisture weakens the mala cord.  In some cases, gemstones may be waxed, irradiated or color enhanced. The colors should hold up as long as your mala is not exposed to prolonged contact with sweat or water.
  • Do not sleep with your mala as this can cause excessive stretching.
  • Be gentle with your mala.  Your gemstones can crack, chip or break upon impact with a hard or abrasive surface.  This is especially important to be aware of with longer malas that have stone pendants.
  • Please do not expose your mala (or other precious metals & porous gemstones) to harsh chemicals, perfumes or lotions as these can damage your stones and precious metals luster.
  • If you need to clean your mala or other jewelry items, please only use 100% cotton cloth or a soft jewelry cleaning cloth.  Gemstone malas should never be cleaned with or come into contact with harsh chemicals.
  • Wooden beads and Rudraksha seeds will naturally darken over time from the oils on your skin.

Each Mystic Mala is created with specific loving intention and is cleansed before being sent to its new owner.

When you first receive your mala, you may want to cleanse it of any energy it may have absorbed on its way to you.  From time to time, you may also want to cleanse your mala if you have been around negative or stressful energy or if you just want to recalibrate its intention. Here are some ways to cleanse your mala:

  • Leave your mala out under the light of a full moon overnight
  • Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl or chanting, which creates a cleansing sound vibration
  • Burn sage, juniper or palo santo over your mala to release negative energy


  • Over time, exposure to moisture can tarnish your gold and silver plated jewelry. Please do not wear while swimming, showering, working out, using a sauna or engaging in other activities where it could come in contact with water, humidity, excessive sweat or chemical products (chlorine, washing detergents, perfumes).
  • Make sure all perfumes, hairsprays, lotions, creams or other body products are dry before wearing your gold or silver plated jewelry.
  • Liquid jewelry cleaners may contain chemicals that cause gold and silver plate to tarnish more quickly.  For gold plate: Use a soft jewelry-specific cleaning cloth and gently rub to clean. For silver plate only: use warm soapy water, submerge for a few minutes, gently rub then rinse with warm water or use a soft jewelry-specific cleaning cloth to gently rub clean.
  • Storing in a resealable bag (ziploc baggies work great!) will help minimize exposure to air and moisture, which are the main causes of tarnishing.


We hope you enjoy and cherish your Mystic Mala jewelry for years to come!

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