Ohm Earrings - Citrine & Pyrite with Gold Vermeil Ear Wires


Oxidized Brass Plate TierraCast Om charms, wire wrapped with micro faceted Citrine and Pyrite stones, finished with Gold…


Oxidized Brass Plate TierraCast Om charms, wire wrapped with micro faceted Citrine and Pyrite stones, finished with Gold Vermeil ear wires (14k gold electroplated over Sterling Silver).

Ohm: A holy meditation symbol of Hinduism and Buddhism.  It is frequently used during mantra meditations and signifies the essence of the universe, of the eternal divine.

CitrineA stone for abundance, creativity, manifestation powers,  joy and energy.  It helps to revitalize the mind; providing motivation and mental clarity. It is said to bring success and the maintenance of good fortune to those that wear it.  Chakra: Solar Plexus

Pyrite: Abundance, Protection, Vitality. Strong stone of protection and manifestation, it attracts abundance and prosperity; supports self-confidence, willpower and vitality; creates a defensive shield from negative energies. Inspires creativity. Chakra: Third Eye and Solar Plexus

Vermeil:  Vermeil is created by a process of electroplating a layer of gold over a sterling silver base.  Wearing it conveys the metaphysical properties of both metals.

  • Gold:  In almost every culture for over 7,000 years, gold has been a symbol of prosperity, wealth and status.  It is commonly associated with the sun.  It is said to clear negativity from all of the chakras and help balance energy; assist in maintaining communication with Universe/God/Source; activate the Third Eye & Crown Chakras; balance the Heart Chakra; attract positive energy, abundance and wealth; and enhance overall health and wellbeing. Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Heart, Third Eye and Crown.
  • Sterling Silver: For centuries, silver has been associated with feminine energy, healing and protection.  It is believed to enhance the powers of the moon, stimulate psychic abilities, reflect negativity away from the wearer, amplify the energy of stones it is worn with, attract abundance, support the elimination of toxins in the body and bring balance/peace to life. Chakra: Crown

This piece is personally handcrafted and infused with loving intention by me.  Just as no two natural beads are alike, no two offerings will be exactly the same, making each uniquely sacred and personal.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental health condition*