Divine Spiral Necklace - Green Garnet


Spiral: The spiral is one of humanity’s oldest spiritual symbols and can be found in ancient religions throughout…


Spiral: The spiral is one of humanity’s oldest spiritual symbols and can be found in ancient religions throughout the world. Although it has many different meanings depending on culture, it most commonly represents the unfolding & ever changing journey of life, mother goddess/feminine energy, creation, spiritual expansion and universal consciousness. Ancient goddess statues often had spirals depicted over the belly/womb. Labyrinths, a tool for spiritual transformation, are usually based on spiral patterns. Spirals are to be found everywhere in nature, even in the DNA molecules of humans, animals and plants. Life evolves in ever expanding spirals of time.

22k gold plated Spiral pendant from Turkey, Raw Faceted Green Garnet, Rutilated Quartz, Pyrite and gold plated Charlotte seed beads. Available in 15.5 inches (extends to 17.5) and 18.5 inches (extends to 20.5).

Grossular (Green) Garnet: Cleanses/activates the heart chakra, increases kindness, hope and appreciation for life, promotes manifestation of physical/spiritual abundance and prosperity, good for new beginnings, supports living in the now and letting go of the past, increases the power of growth and regeneration, said to increase fertility and speed healing. Chakra: Heart, Root

Golden Rutilated Quartz: Stimulates spiritual awakening and physical manifestation, amplifies ability to receive divine inspiration and connect to higher realms, promotes joy, assists vibrational healing by removing negative energies from all chakras. Chakras: All

Pyrite: Attracts abundance and prosperity; supports self-confidence and vitality; protects from negative energies. Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus

This piece is personally handcrafted and infused with loving intention by me.  Just as no two natural beads are alike, no two offerings will be exactly the same, making each uniquely sacred and personal.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or mental health condition*